Tierra Dorada

The superfood Quinoa has only been embraced widely around the world quite recently, yet it’s a seed that has been cultivated and consumed in the Andean mountain areas of Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile for the past 5000 years. Quinoa is a staple food in the diet of Native Indians, who refer to this food as the “mother seed”. To overcome the South American Indians and to destroy their culture, the Spanish conquerors destroyed several fields of the quinoa crop. They also made it illegal for the natives to cultivate quinoa. However, after being impressed with the goodness of this food grain, two Americans began cultivating this crop in Colorado during the 1980s, and its subsequently spread quickly around the world.

Tierra Dorada – translating as Golden Earth - is a 100% Colombian company producing an incredibly unique range of flavored toasted Quinoa products. It has never been easier to increase the nutritional level of a salad by sprinkling some of this great product on top, or crumbing your favourite foods - without any hassle of having to cook the quinoa. Being a seed and not a grain it’s gluten free! Great to use as a crumb coating also. Beautifully packaged in a range of colors, the Tierra Dorada range features several flavours as onion, garlic, paprika and curry.