Açai Product Range: Freeze-dried, spicy sauce, jam and honey.

Corpocampo, a unique range of açai products, was showcased in New Zealand for the very first time at Fine Food Auckland in June 2018. We are proud of our partner who has recently been awarded the 2018 Oslo Business for Peace Award. This honour is awarded by the Business for Peace Foundation to global business leaders for leading a business that not only creates economic value but through its ethical practices also creates value for society.

The entire Corpocampo açai range are produced from the work with local indigenous communities in Colombia that have been affected by the country’s internal conflict. This work has helped more than 1,300 families who are the suppliers of the açai fruit to Corpocampo and provide jobs for over 240 female-headed households.

This premium 100% organic açai range of products meet the highest quality standards, and complies with the Fair-Trade movement principles, committing to local communities to buy their entire production at a fair price. Corpocampo also provides them health services, education and technical support from plantation to crop, whilst preserving the beautiful amazon forests from where the açai fruit is extracted.

Açai Fruit

The açai berry is the fruit of the palm, Euterpe Oleracea. It looks like a big blueberry and possesses flavours of cherry and chocolate. It has been consumed since ancient times by the Amazonian tribes. It is widely considered a superfood for its high concentration of polyphenolic compounds, vitamin C, calcium, iron and levels of aspartic and glutamic acid.

The incredibly high antioxidant level of açai is its key distinguishing feature. The freeze-dried açai powder format, ranks number 1 in its antioxidant level among all the foods of the world, as measure by the USDA Database for the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). This product has a ORAC value of 102,700, compared to the next 4 ranked products: Freeze dried Maqui berry powder (27,600), skin extract Brazilian grape tree fruit (25,514), fresh black raspberries (19,220) and fresh aronia berries (16,062).